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YouTube has provided new ways to monetize video

Today at the VidCon managers, YouTube announced a new way to monetize video. It is reported AndroidPolice.

In recent years, many videomaker on YouTube suffer from adpocalypses – mass demonetization rollers. Often the disconnect is even before the release of the materials, which, certainly, no one likes.

This forced many makers video to switch to another way of earning money, for example, using the services of Patreon – known affiliate network. The YouTube user, this situation is not to his liking, so the company decided to go to meet the youtubers.

Channel Memberships

One of the new ways of monetization will become a Channel Memberships. This is an analogue Twitch Subscriptions service, which provides subscription access to exclusive events, emoticons, greetings and all that can offer the streamer.

The ability to use such a method will be given to the owners of the channels with an audience of more than 100 thousand people. Probably Channel Memberships will cost viewers about 4.99 US dollars per month – the same as subscribers and Twitch Subscriptions.


YouTube signed a contract with Teespring – manufacturer of designer items. Now videomaker can create and sell products with your logos without resorting to third party services Yet it will be available in the U.S. only channels with an audience of more than ten thousand people.


Finally, I bought a special subscription viewers will be able to watch new videos of your favorite youtubers for a few days before their premiere. YouTube Premieres will be available to channels with an audience of more than ten thousand people and will start to be supplied with Channel Memberships.

These new methods should help the creators of videos on YouTube to get a lot of money for their work. Time will tell whether they will become popular among users and video makers.

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