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YouTube has launched a Super Chat with a paid review

Google announced the YouTube for the launch of the Super Chat feature, designed for live broadcasts, similar to a chat room at the streaming service Twitch. It allows the audience to leave in live broadcasts pay comments.

In chat rooms, video platforms and users will be able during the broadcast to post for free, but to highlight your comment in a General flow of color, you will have to pay, and bloggers will be able to make it.

Pay reviews differ from regular in that they highlighted and for some time remain at the top of the chat. As a result, the likelihood that they will see the author of the channel, above.

The cost of the post the user chooses to. It depends on the length of the message, its color and the time during which it will be fixed.

Record five hours in the U.S. costs $500, more in terms of dollars will pay European residents in France, Spain and Germany — € 500 ($530) in the UK — £ 500 ($607), and the cheapest in terms of dollars, such a review will cost for residents of Mexico 5000 pesos ($230), Brazil — 500 reais ($158) and India — 10 thousand rupees ($147).

Send messages to Super Chat on desktops (on YouTube and “YouTube gaming”), as well as on mobile devices. The feature will be available on Android and later on iOS devices.

As soon as the message appears in the chat will appear beside the countdown timer. If the author will complete the broadcast before the time runs out, use the remaining time in the chat the other broadcast already will be.

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