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YouTube has a song about sticky MacBook keyboard

The new Jonathan Mann wrote a song about the “sticky” keyboard MacBook Pro. “I hit the spacebar but nothing happens” is the last track of the manna, which he shared on YouTube.

The lyrics are quite simple and applies to everyone who has ever used the keyboard in the new Apple laptops.

“I hit the spacebar I hit the spacebar but nothing happens. This computer is only a year. It is very expensive. I waited for its release for so long, and now you want me to suffer due to hit “butterfly” dust. I found your manual, but it didn’t help. I bought this can of compressed air and felt like an idiot”.

The inspiration for the track was the article Casey Johnson from The Outline. In it, the journalist complained that the keyboard of his MacBook Pro got clogged and broke down.

Previously, Apple has published on its website instructions for cleaning the keyboard unit. It needs to hold the laptop at a certain angle and blow it with compressed air.

In 2015, Apple has equipped the MacBook keyboard with a new mechanism, “butterfly”. He later migrated to the MacBook Pro 2016. Users complained that a new computer keys often “stick” and not respond to clicks. In 2017, the mechanism is again reinterpreted, adding additional padding to protect from getting stuck keys.

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