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YouTube for iOS and Android have discovered a hidden function of fast forward

In the new version of mobile client YouTube the developers have added a feature to fast forward. This option was not stated in the list of updates, and was discovered accidentally by users.

Rewind YouTube only works in fullscreen mode. In order to rewind the playback ten seconds forward, you need to double click quickly on the right side of the display back — left. This will help in the case of searching the necessary fragment of a big record when moving the slider to the exact location very difficult, and if the user was distracted when watching the video.

Among other things this update added the ability to control the playback of YouTube videos on the TV and with Chromecast from the lock screen. In the control center and the lock screen displays the button “Play”, “Pause”, “Next” and “Back” and keys to adjust the volume. And if iPhone is connected to Apple Watch, control playback on YouTube can hours.

On Tuesday Google announced the launch of live broadcasts from your mobile device via YouTube client for iOS and Android. The first time to broadcast only users with 10,000 subscribers later, the opportunity will be opened for all comers.

Mobile broadcast start in June 2016, but in a limited list of countries.

Together with the launch of mobile broadcasts YouTube introduced the “Supercat” a paid message that a host will see the broadcast in the first place. Entries highlighted in bright colors and remain at the top of the chat window to five hours. Thus the blogger can monetize their broadcast. Supercat not yet available in Russia.

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