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Your iPhone (“killed” or not) are ready to buy right now

The situations are different. Want a new iPhone. Urgent need of money. A simple solution to the problem was proposed by the creators of the service ProdamApple. Even to do particularly nothing.

1. Opened the calculator indicated the status of the device.

2. Got the cost. If you agree, you can wait for a call and courier. He will take away your iPhone.

3. A brief inspection according to your description and the money in your pocket.

Pay up to 85% of the price of the new, provided that it is in perfect condition. Further price depends on the scratches, chips, packaging, and so on.

For example, my iPhone 7 32 GB in perfect condition (no dust) and with a full set came out to 29 900 rubles.

The service works only in Moscow and the regions are planned soon.

Now you know where to quickly sell the old pipe. Try it!

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