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Your iPhone is capable of more: 8 simple ways to improve mobile photography

The camera in iPhone 6 is good enough to replace the entry level camera, but it can always be done better. In Camera apps and Photo has several settings that allow you to improve the quality of shooting, and also to make life easier for the mobile photographer.

Resource Delfi have made a selection of 8 key features of the iPhone camera, which is useful to know. Many of them work in all modern models, and not only in top-end iPhone 6.

1. Record video at 60 frames per second

Default video iPhone 6 is written with a frequency of 30 frames per second, but the camera is capable of and 60. To enable 60 fps, go to Settings —> Photos & Camera —> Record video with 60 fps. If when you record a video in the upper right corner you can see an inscription 60 fps, it means you did everything correctly. Why record video in 60 fps? At least because the human eye there is no “fps” for him than these video frames. Someday we’ll live to YouTube with 150 fps.

2. Recover deleted photos

If you (or someone else) accidentally deleted photos and videos in the Photos app, they don’t actually retired — iPhone waiting for 30 days before you actually remove frames. Click on the option Albums in the bottom right of the screen and scroll down to Recently deleted — it is there and hiding all the frames that were “removed”. They can or to restore, or actually delete now”.

3. Search by Picture

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In the Photos app you can search by date, by name, if you turned on face detection and shooting, if you enabled the option to save the coordinates of the shooting. Just view the album, click on the search icon in the upper right corner and search.

4. Use the grid

In the settings right on the camera there is a very important function — lattice. You can find it in Settings —> Photos & Camera —> Grid. Its incorporation divides the screen into six areas that will help you to photograph in accordance with the “rule of thirds”. Its essence, in a nutshell that is the main subject of the picture must be either strictly in the center, or at one of the intersections of the lines — then composite the picture looks much better.

5. To enable manual exposure

Camera iPhone 6 lets you “handles” to adjust the shutter speed. Just tap on the screen, you will see a yellow square with the icon of the sun. If you move the slider-the sun is up or down, the photo will become lighter or darker. Useful when shooting under conditions of too low/high light conditions.

6. Share “Moments”

Moments in Apple terminology is a series of photographs taken at approximately the same time and in the same place. You can find them in the Photo, and they can all at once and share in Facebook by pumping in an album on the social network than one or two photos, and all 20 pieces. Just click on Share on the right side of the screen and choose where to throw.

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7. Choose the best photos in continuous shooting

The iPhone 6 has a continuous shooting option, which allows the camera to shoot 10 frames per second. The camera then analyzes each image and selects the best. Usually she does it well, but you can do it better. To personally view all the captured images, click on “Choose….” in the bottom of the screen and, in fact, look at photos. That iPhone chose himself, will be marked with a grey dot, but nobody stops you to make your choice by simply selecting the desired photo. Or “own photos” — you can save even.

8. View enlarged thumbnail in the “By year”

If you need to quickly find a specific picture about which you remember only that made it this year, switch to preview mode “Years” in the Photos app. After that, just see your finger across the thumbnails, but they are fun to grow. This enables you to quickly browse a large number of photos and find.

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