Young readers of Obruchevsky district will be told about Steve Jobs & nbsp

Library number 172 invites you to an exciting lesson.
On June 9 and 11, Olga Romanova, methodologist of library No. 172, will present to children in an online format the books of the Lessons from Life series about English physics, writer Stephen Hawking and the founder of the American company Steve Jobs. Presentations will be held within the framework of the project “Relax – find out about new books!” The famous theoretical physicist and popularizer of science, Stephen Hawking, has written more than a dozen books in his life. “A brief history of time. From the Big Bang to black holes ”tells about what everyone thinks sooner or later: how the universe appeared, what the nature of space and time is, what black holes are and how the theory of superstrings was born. The “Shortest History of Time” tells about what black matter and black energy are, whether time travel is possible, what is the past and future of the universe. Steve Jobs – a man who became a legend during his lifetime, most adult readers do not need to imagine, but even they can learn some interesting pages from the life of an American entrepreneur.

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