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You don’t need to close apps in the multitasking drawer iPhone

Among iPhone users there is a perception that if you open the multitasking bar and swipe unnecessary applications that increase productivity and improve the working time of the smartphone. However, this is a big misconception – if you upload a program from RAM, it will not help your smartphone survive to the end of the day. And may even have the opposite effect.

Apple previously tried to dispel this myth. Last year a fan of the company sent a letter to Tim cook asking whether closing apps in the multitasking drawer to improve the autonomy of the iPhone. Then senior Vice President of software development Craig Federighi said, “No. :-)”.

From a technical point of view this can be explained by so – unnecessary apps frozen in memory, or not working at all. The multitasking panel just shows pictures.

In early July, former Apple employee and head of MartianCraft’s Kyle Richter explained in detail how closing unused applications can adversely affect the autonomy of the iPhone.

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“Many people think that the force quit applications at least, will not bring any harm, because they are “still not working”.

Actually to expend energy is the process of closing. There are times when the device resources, which decided to get rid of the user. This leads to the consumption of energy for additional treatment. Modern smartphones have a large supply of RAM, and you’ll be surprised how long they can be suspended. This is especially true for applications that you frequently launch and use. They do not need to close as re exits and the download will reduce battery life”.

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Federighi, of course, did not go into such details, but he clearly understands how iOS works, so his word should be final in a dispute about whether or not to close applications on the iPhone.

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