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YotaPhone 3 will compete with the iPhone 8

Launching the YotaPhone 3 is postponed until the end of 2017 as the Chinese partner company focused on the production of its own model of smartphone technology, Yota Devices. About it write “sheets” referring to Financial Times. Third-generation YotaPhone will have to compete in the market with the updated iPhone 8, the release of which is expected in the end of next year.

Another smartphone, Yota, the Russian shareholders of the company want to produce in Russia, the Chinese partners insist on manufacturing in China.

According to sources, YotaPhone 3 will be released in two variants, which can be divided into a YotaPhone 3 with the standard display, the YotaPhone 3 Plus — large screen. “Russian iPhone” with such characteristics could go this year, but the release was shelved due to search Chinese shareholder partner for the release of the smartphone.

It was planned that the YotaPhone 3 will be released in two different formats, by analogy with the iPhone, which opens onto a large (labelled) Plus and standard. The standard YotaPhone 3 the front screen 5 inches (the iPhone 7 at 4.7 inches, the YotaPhone 2 — 5 inches) and the screen with electronic ink — 4.7 inch. The cost for the end consumer was supposed to be $350-400 (23-26 thousand rubles). The large YotaPhone 3 front screen — 5.7 inch (iPhone 7 Plus — 5.5 inch), the second screen with black and white ink — 5.5 inches. The cost of this model $450-500 (29-32 thousand rubles) for the end user.

It is noted that the founder of Yota Devices, the investment Fund Telconet Capital Sergey Adonyev and albert Avdalyan intends to sell a stake in the company’s Chinese partner China Baoli Technology. The last is developing a smartphone with two screens together with the Chinese Coolpad.

China Baoli (formerly REX Global Entertainment) in April 2016 has bought 30% of Yota Devices for $46.2 million, and also acquired the right to seven years to sell in China YotaРhone. As one of the sources, the Chinese investors did not act in the interests of the company: purchase of a stake in Yota Devices needed to attract state investment into their technology.

To move the production YotaPhone in China was reported in October 2015. The first and the second model YotaPhone was made in a factory in Singapore. It was planned that the third model of the Russian smartphone will be released in the first quarter of 2016.

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