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Yota Devices YotaPhone 3 considers a real competitor to the iPhone 8

Manufacturer YotaPhone is going to outstrip Apple with the release of a new flagship smartphone. Judging by the picture on the website of the company, YotaPhone 3 will debut before the end of summer – before the official presentation of the iPhone 8, scheduled for early September.

The third generation of the YotaPhone will be rectangular — the current model features a rounded housing. About the characteristics and price of future trends.

That is developing YotaPhone 3 previously, the company confirmed in Instagram, answering the question of one of users. According to network sources, the third generation of the smartphone was supposed to come out in 2016, but because of problems with financing that did not happen.

The main feature of YotaPhone is the second screen on the rear panel. He works with electronic ink can display text e-books, the current time, and static images. Despite the original decision, the device has not gained wide popularity.

It was planned that the YotaPhone 3 will be released in two different formats, by analogy with the iPhone, which is zoomed in (iPhone Plus) and standard size. The standard YotaPhone 3 diagonal screen on the front side had to be 5 inches (the iPhone 7 at 4.7 inches, the YotaPhone 2 — 5 inches), the size of the screen on the back, with “electronic ink” — 4.7 inch.

The cost for the end user is expected to reach $350-400 (23-26 thousand rubles). The large YotaPhone 3 front screen — 5.7 inch (iPhone 7 Plus — 5.5 inch), the second screen is 5.5 inches. The cost of this model $450-500 (29-32 thousand rubles) for the end user.

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In the screen YotaPhone 2 with e ink was curved, the new model it expected flat. It was explained that the curved display is more expensive than usual and in places of bends often there are problems.

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