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Yota Devices will launch Apple Pay competitor-based YotaPhone 2

The Russian company Yota Devices announced a collaboration with developer of the app for mobile CardsMobile payments, making the second screen YotaPhone 2 can be turned into Bank card and pay for purchases by touching your smartphone to Bank terminal at the checkout. This was reported in the press release Yota Devices.

In order to use contactless payment, users of the YotaPhone 2, you must activate pre-installed on the home screen of the smartphone app “Wallet”, which is available in the new version of the firmware, and remotely, without visiting the Bank branch, to release a mobile card of any available in the application Bank. The whole procedure takes less than five minutes. In the current version of the application, the partner banks are the Bank Tinkoff, Russian standard Bank and Bank St. Petersburg.

This cooperation is the first step Yota Devices in creating the payment platform in the near future YotaPhone users can link to a smart phone cards of any banks and payment systems, and loyalty cards and cards for travel on public transport.

The functionality of the mobile Bank card is no different from plastic counterparts and allows you to make purchases in the offline stores, and on the Internet. The balance of this card, you can check and top up via the app, anywhere and anytime.

“Cooperation with CardsMobile is the first step in creating a payment platform based products Yota Devices. We plan to actively develop this direction, as we see a potential growth segment of contactless payments. Due to the presence of a second always-on display to make payments on the YotaPhone is much more convenient than any other smartphone,” said Vlad Martynov, CEO, Yota Devices.

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Kirill Gorynya, CEO of CardsMobile: “Contactless payments via phones are gaining popularity worldwide – for example, last year their solutions presented such giants as Apple and Google. The more pleasant that today we can announce the synergy of two Russian, truly innovative, solutions. For the first time in Russia jointly with CardsMobile, Yota Devices has made integration of hardware capabilities of the smartphone, and implemented the intuitive possibility of contactless payment”.

Earlier it was reported that YotaPhone 2 in the New year’s eve fell by a third.

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