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Yota Devices told us about the development of the third generation of the “Russian iPhone”

Yota Devices, has released two models of the YotaPhone, work on the third generation smartphone. It was of ficially announced by the company.

Last year there were rumors that the YotaPhone 3 may never come out. The fact that the initial launch model was planned in the first quarter of 2016, and then repeatedly postponed, but did not take place. But, according to the official website of Yota Devices in Instagram, now is a manufacturer engaged in the development of the third generation of the “Russian iPhone”.

“Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment we are developing the third generation smartphone. Follow us on our official groups” – wrote the representatives of Yota Devices, answering the question of one of users about plans for the YotaPhone 3.

The cause of the delays was finding a manufacturer that would manufacture the device, said Yota Devices. Now, the company has entered into an agreement with the Chinese Coolpad. Already established a joint venture in which 51% of shares owned by Yota Devices, and 49% of Coolpad.

The head is appointed by the Chinese company. In addition, Coolpad will involve working on a smartphone 200 employees, and Yota Devices from your state will provide 60 people.

According to preliminary data, YotaPhone 3 will be released in two variants, which can be divided into a YotaPhone 3 with the standard display, the YotaPhone 3 Plus — large screen.

The novelty should go in two different formats, by analogy with the iPhone, which comes in large and standard. The standard YotaPhone 3 the front screen 5 inches (the iPhone 7 at 4.7 inches, the YotaPhone 2 — 5 inches) and the screen with electronic ink — 4.7 inch. The cost for the end consumer was supposed to be $350-400 (23-26 thousand rubles).

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The large YotaPhone 3 front screen — 5.7 inch (iPhone 7 Plus — 5.5 inch), the second screen with black and white ink — 5.5 inches. The cost of this model $450-500 (29-32 thousand rubles) for the end user.

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