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Yes, Apple will likely bring the release of the iPhone 8. So what?

One of the main mysteries of the year was and still is the iPhone 8. And specifications of the device and its key features has long been a matter of release date. Analysts and insiders have repeatedly talked about the problems with the development and production of the device. But how critical for the future of Apple delay iPhone jubilee 8 for one or two months?

The information that Apple may move away from the usual cycle of two years (first is number model with a new design and then S-version with new features and old appearance) appeared almost immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 7. Logically, in 2017, the company must submit to the iPhone 7s, but will instead release the iPhone 8, according to sources. And can do otherwise and present three apparatus: slightly improved iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and premium iPhone 8 with a price under a thousand dollars.

Now a rumor about a mysterious “professional” iPhone gained new life. So, iPhone 8 (Pro, X Edition as soon as it may be called), needs to obtain edge-to-edge screen, new 3D camera, face scanner, wireless charging and many other new features. The main question is not about filling, but about when will the camera.

The first in this genre made by the Agency Bloomberg in November 2016. According to experts, none of the four largest manufacturers of OLED panels Samsung Display Co., LG Display Co., Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc. — could provide Apple with the necessary amount of screens.

However, later it became known that Apple have ordered 100 million Samsung OLED screens. Then the company signed a contract for the supply of 60 million displays in the amount of five trillion won ($4.3 billion). Thus Samsung will provide the 160 million iPhone screens. Apple sells annually about 200 million of its smartphones.

However, in may analysts at Deutsche Bank conducted a study and concluded that the wait for the iPhone 8 in 2017 is not necessary. According to sources in the supply chain, difficulties arose due to the lack of components. Also talks about the problems with the implementation of certain technologies, but does not specify which ones.

Similar information came from employees of Foxconn at the end of April 2017. According to them, the company already takes orders for manufacture of two models of smartphones, and there’s no iPhone 8. However, to emphasize this is not: similar to Foxconn leak happen almost every month.

According to another assumption, Apple will embed the fingerprint scanner in the screen of the smartphone, and the benefit of any patent is. It is about the application of this optical sensor for fingerprint recognition using OLED display, said the analyst of the company KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo in January this year. But due to difficulties in production, according to him, the iPhone 8 will be released a few months after the iPhone 7s in October and November 2017.

Another reason for concern is the message about “panic” within the company because of problems with the software of the iPhone 8. Source Fast Company said that Apple can’t bring to mind a wireless charging system, security system based on 3D scanners, as well as to start supplying OLED displays.

“We believe that Apple can really be difficult for securities in the long term (particularly because of the size, increasing the duration of the replacement cycle, China, services), but not because of the decision to postpone the release of the new iPhone 8.

We are convinced that the uniqueness of the iOS will make loyal Apple fans wait for the release of the smartphone. Therefore, any volume of devices that will go beyond the 2017 financial year will be transferred to the next financial year. Considering trading in shares in leading scale, this could provide additional support securities”, – says Guggenheim analyst Robert Cihra.

Even if Apple delay the release of the new anniversary flagship, the company will not give up market share to its competitors. All who are planning to buy iPhone 8, wait new. Moreover, every year the launch of a new iPhone model is accompanied by a deficit. In other words, Apple has absolutely no reason to worry.

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