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“Yandex.Taxi” established fixed prices for a trip across Russia

Yandex.Taxi has established fixed prices for a trip across Russia and began testing the system of personal discounts. Now the price is determined before boarding the vehicle and is not changed until the end of the trip, and regular customers can count on even lower prices.

If before if made “Yandex.Taxi” showed the approximate price of the trip, now it fixes it and does not change. Cost is calculated on the basis of tariff (for example, “Economy” or “Comfort”), distance to destination and travel time.

The company stressed that the price will not increase even if the path there will be a new tube or the driver will have to deviate from the route, built “Yandex.Navigator”. Cost of the conversion only happens in two cases: when the passenger changes the endpoint of the path, or requests the driver to make the road stop.

A system of personal discounts is tested in several major Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is designed for those who pay a taxi by credit card. Discount travel can range from 15% to 40%, and its size is determined automatically using a special algorithm. First it takes into account how often people use Yandex.Taxi, how many around him are machines and what is the situation on the roads.

“The last few years the private car is becoming inefficient way of moving around the city. In most cases a taxi is more convenient and cheaper your car, and also gives a much greater degree of freedom of movement. The introduction of a fixed price and personal discounts — a big step towards a future in which taxis and not the private car, will be the main form of personal transport in the city,” says Tigran khudaverdyan, CEO of Yandex.Taxi.

Note that on Monday the competitor “Yandex.Taxi” service Uber has reduced fares for travel in five Russian cities by 15-20%.

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