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“Yandex.Taxi” began to suggest the optimum feed point of the machine and build up to her walking route

Yandex.Won’t tell where it is better to call a car to get to the goal faster and cheaper. The mobile app will offer a better point of filing, if any, and build up to her walking route.

When you call a taxi the minute the other on foot can save time, and simultaneously reduce the cost of the trip. Should cross the road or railway track and the vehicle would come sooner or faster will get to the right place because the driver will not have to make a detour for

turn. For example, from the metro station “River station” Belorussky station in the middle of the day can be reached in approximately thirty-five minutes. However, it should go through the underpass to the other side of the Leningrad highway — and travel time will be reduced to five minutes. The rate of “Economy” this trip will be about 50 rubles cheaper.

To find the optimal feed point, Yandex.Taxi analyzes the possible routes, the congestion, the number and position of free machinery and other factors. If such point is found nearby, the app will show you how do I get and how much time it will save. Hiking trails are being built through technology Yandex.Maps: given the underpasses, arches, walkways and other pedestrian areas.

“A unique blend of technologies of Yandex.Taxi and pedestrian routing Yandex.Cards can significantly reduce the time and cost of travel. Such opportunities no longer anybody in the Russian market”, — said General Director of Yandex.Taxi Tigran Khudaverdyan.

Note that apart from Moscow Yandex.Taxi operates in 48 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. A total of Yandex.Taxi employs over 120 thousand drivers of 1,200 taxis and dispatching. In December 2016, the users of the service made 16.2 million trips.

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