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Yandex promises to make the Mac is immune to viruses with the new “Yandex.Browser”

“Yandex” has developed the technology of active protection of the users of Yandex.Browser and promises to protect Mac users from viruses. The company calls its proprietary Protect the complex mechanisms that protect against the most common Internet dangers: malware, phishing, dangerous websites, the interception of personal data.

“Protect is built in such a way that the user always remain safe. First, in order for it to work, nothing to do — the technology is already built into the browser, the main program for browsing the Internet. Secondly, Protect designed to protect against the risk, not to eliminate the consequences, says Roman Ivanov, head of Yandex.Browser. — In today’s Internet protection is necessary and experienced users, novices, and to ensure that it is one of the tasks of the browser”.

Protect protects the personal data of the person when working in an open Wi-Fi network — for example, in a coffee shop or airport. Such networks are widespread and convenient, but allow attackers to easily intercept the information. Protect routes the traffic through a secure server, so that the intercept becomes impossible. The technology is able to resist phishing sites — resources that are disguised as social networks or online banking to lure a person’s personal information.

If the user has entered on the website is fake important username and password, Protect will block sending data and will warn you of danger. The technology also cautions against switching to resources with malicious code and automatically checks downloaded from the Internet the files for viruses. If the file is dangerous, the Protect will not allow him to start and cause harm to the device. Learn more about the technology blog of Yandex.

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Technology of active protection built in to Protect the new “Yandex.Browser” for OS X, Windows and Android. To download the browser for your computer are available on the website

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