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“Yandex” managed to stop the decline of its share in the online search

In 2015 the company “Yandex” has managed to hold share in the online search on desktop computers and tablets, despite pressure from Google. About this “Vedomosti”, shows a report by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

According to the report, in 2015 the share of “Yandex” on all devices was 57%. In 2016, analysts predict a small decline of about 0.5%, and in 2017 the company’s share may fall to 55%. Analysts stress that it is a forecast without consideration of the impact that can have ongoing litigation between Google and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS).

Analysts note that until mid-2015 “Yandex” losing share of search in the Runet on the background of the growing popularity of Android devices. Only in summer of the previous year was more or less fix the share of “Yandex” — at the level of 57%. According to Liveinternet, in December 2015 at Yandex accounted for 57.2 per cent of search traffic in the Runet in 2014 – 59,3%. Thus, during the year the company lost 2.1 percentage points, while Google over the same period increased its share by 3.4 p. p. to 35.5%.

As argued previously the representatives of “Yandex” and analysts of investment banks, a key factor in the growth of the share of Google is its control over the operating system for Android mobile devices.

In the fall of 2015, the FAS recognized the Google guilty of violating the law “On protection of competition”, accusing the company of abuse of a dominant position in the market has preset the app store in Android. The Agency ordered before December 18 to eliminate the violation. In December, Google has disputed the claims of the FAS in the Moscow arbitration. The Internet company has found it unreasonable the decision of the FAS prescribed to distribute Google Play separately from applications such as YouTube, Google Maps and Google Photos.

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In January it became known that the fine Google for violating Russian competition law, likely to be 7% of turnover in 2014, while the Agency will take into account inflation. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that the experience of the office shows that Google may challenge this decision at least a year, so the process of elimination of violations and payments of fines may be delayed until 2017. Thus, the amount of the fine will take into account inflation for 2014-2017.

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