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Yandex has released “experimental” Yandex.Disk 2.0 with the ability to store files in the cloud

“Yandex” has announced a new pilot application “Yandex.”Disk 2.0 for the PC. Unlike other clients for cloud storage, the new Drive stores files only in the cloud, so they are not duplicated on the user’s computer.

Pilot program “Yandex.”Disk is designed to store files in the cloud: to download, simply drag the file to the widget. It also supports copy and paste through the clipboard. Externally, the new “Disk” is similar to the system file managers Finder and Windows Explorer, so users will be easy to learn the interface.

Downloading files on a PC is done the same way as uploading to the cloud. In the absence of the Internet, the user can still drag or copy the file to a Disk. Once the network appears, the files will immediately start uploading. The tasks are displayed in a special section “Downloads”.


A “beta version “Yandex.Disk” 2.0 is not a replacement of the classic program “Disk”, as a separate product for people who want to manage their cloud storage from the PC and store the files locally do not want. Our survey showed that 23% of users of desktop client “Yandex.CD” unhappy that the folder “Drive” takes place on the computer. For them we have developed a new program”, — said the head of cloud services of “Yandex” Natalia Khaitina.

Files from the new Disk by double click are opened in regular desktop programs. Before they are downloaded to the temp folder. To data do not take up much space, they are removed from the folder with temporary files after 24 hours after opening or last modified. Also through the program Settings you can open the folder with this files and delete them yourself at any time when required.

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Beta “Yandex.”Disk 2.0 is useful to those who want to free up space on your computer or save to the cloud copies of the documents, but to always have them at hand. If there is Internet access, any file can be opened and edited — all changes will be saved automatically.

“Yandex.Drive” is a cloud service for file storage that is available to the user on computers, tablets and smartphones connected to the Internet. At the start, each user receives 10 free GB. Additional space: 10 GB cost 30 rubles a month, 100 GB — 80 rubles, 1 TB — 200 rubles.

Download Experimental Yandex.Drive 2.0 on Mac and Windows at this link. Users who have installed the classic version of “Yandex.Disk”, also can try out the new “Drive” programs work in parallel and do not interfere with each other.

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