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“Yandex” has released a universal Yandex.Browser for iPhone and iPad

Yandex announced the launch of its new Yandex.Browser for Apple mobile devices. The developers of the company have combined versions of Internet Explorer for iPhone and iPad in one universal build that can be installed on both smartphones and on tablets.

“After this update, version Yandex.Browser for iPhone has become a universal — now it can be used on both iPhone and iPad. We recommend Apple it”, – stated in the message of Yandex.

Historically Yandex.Browser for the iOS platform was divided into two different assemblies. This allowed us to update programs for different gadgets independently from each other. However, what is convenient for developers, it is not always convenient for users. Two versions of tangle and you can install the mobile version on the tablet. This is now fixed, Assembly for iPhone updated to universal. It is suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

The developers recommend to use this version. Support Yandex.Browser for iPad is also planned for some time, but in the end there will be only one universal version.

The new version also added a small innovation in the interface: for iPhone made a button “Close all tabs” — it appears, if to close one.

Download Yandex.Browser for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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