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Yandex has released a new version Yandex.Maps with voice navigation

The company “Yandex” has presented an updated mapping application “Yandex.Cards”, which is now not only paves the road route, but also gives in the way of voice prompts. The program will inform the user about upcoming maneuvers, warn about cameras and road works, as well as shows allowed on this site speed.

“Often on the road, there is a need somewhere to go — for example, to the gas station or the pharmacy. To stay the course in such cases is not desirable. Yandex.Cards will find the right place along the route and tell you about each of them details: for example, how many to a pharmacy and take there credit card. Having defined the location, click “Call” and the Cards will pave a new route through the selected point.”

Yandex.Maps 9.0 for iOS can:

  • to warn about traffic and road events and cameras (aloud and on the screen);
  • show traffic density, coloring the route line color from green to dark red;
  • recall of speed limit and need to reduce it;
  • find places along the route.

For those who appreciate the mode of reference Cards for unobtrusive and minimalist, the developers put the button with the settings on the screen of the route: among other things, it is possible to quickly adjust the volume and enable and disable the layer with the traffic. On the route screen you can one-touch to switch between 2D and 3D.

Earlier, voice guidance was available only in Yandex.Navigator. According to the statistics of travel, this app install only drivers — those who move by car almost every day, and people who drive several times a month, prefer to watch the tube and figure out driving routes through Yandex.Card. It is designed for them a fresh update.

Download “Yandex.Maps with voice navigation on the iPhone and iPad, and beta version of Maps for Android.

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