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Yandex has re-launched Yandex.Card for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

The company “Yandex” has announced a massive update app Yandex.Maps for mobile on iOS. The developers have completely redesigned the mobile client and added new features.

Yandex.The card features several useful innovations. First, in the search application, the filters appeared to select according to various criteria, and establishments cards — reviews and photos. Now the user, for example, may be aware of the interior of the cafe or restaurant, to read the opinions of other users of the service.

Also in Google Maps saved place in the new Yandex.Cards account bound, they can be assembled into a list and then view from any computer, iPhone or iPad.

The changes affected working with routes: Maps show travel options, clues and other details of the trip — by car or public transport (at the request of users added trains). And all the talk and traffic events you can now comment.

The card is fully adapted to the iOS 9, watchOS 2, iPad Pro and the latest iPhone support and new features. Including right through the Spotlight search, you can find organizations that the user has recently opened in the app.

In addition, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus adds support for “quick action”. If a little harder you press on the app icon to open a menu with quick access to the routes to home and work, saved places and search for nearby organizations.

Download Yandex.Maps 7.0 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch available for free in the App Store.

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