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“Yandex” has placed ads in hints at “Yandex.The keyboard” for iOS

In the new keyboard Yandex for iOS users found clues with famous brands when you enter a search query in the browser. This fact drew the attention of the Vc resource.

If you type in the browser address bar, the letters “SB” on the prompt panel “Yandex.Keyboard” appears “Sberbank”, the letters “RA” – “Raiffeisenbank”, “AB” – Avito, “od” – “Classmates”, “al”, – AliExpress. When you press the button there is an instantaneous transition to the company’s website. Some users embraced these tips for advertising.

In “Yandex” claim that branded tips — this part of the experiment, not advertising. “We look at different scenarios users interact with “Yandex.Keyboard”, to understand what to continue and what to reject. Colored tie — this is not advertising companies, and is another form of search suggestions. We are not making money, do not hand over information about the user’s actions and clicks don’t sell,” according to the company.

“For the experiment we selected a few queries: AliExpress, YouTube, Twitter, Livejournal, “Sberbank”, “Vkontakte”, Avito, “Facebook”, “Wikipedia”, “IMDb”, RBC, “Kommersant”, “the Rambler” and “Raiffeisenbank”. Colors taken from sites on the same technology that paints the sites in the scoreboard, “Yandex.Browser”. Color tooltip will disappear, if you continue to type a query or to reset it,” said Yandex.

The Release Of “Yandex.keyboard” for iOS took place in early December. It has everything you need for communication: predictive input and spell check is to write quickly and without errors, search pictures, gifs – to Express what is difficult to put into words, search for places and addresses in order to inform friends where an appointment and an interpreter to communicate with those who do not know Russian language. In the enabled keyboard and Emoji set: when the user types on the smartphone the text, it selects Emoji that are appropriate in meaning to the words and shows them in tooltips.

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