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“Yandex” has launched a personal station at Yandex.Radio

Yandex announced the launch of the personal station at Yandex.Radio. There can be music of any genre or era, but only one that meets the user’s taste.

Like other stations of the service, the personal station uses a proprietary recommendation system of the company. It allows you to select the tracks that are liked by the user or can be to his taste. This takes into account that it is listening on Yandex.Music and Yandex.Radio, which tracks, stores, transmits, and which puts the huskies.

“All stations Yandex.Radio technology Disco. For a new plant based on it was created a special formula that allows it to select a suitable man music from the variety of tracks and in the collection of Yandex more than 20 million. This formula takes into account that the person listening on Yandex.Radio and Yandex.Music is what keeps the tracks in his collection, which puts likes, and what misses. And the more one listens the more tracks and evaluates them (like — dislike), the better the service understands it,” explained the company.

To “My station” has started to work, you need to log in to Yandex.Radio and have at least a small history of auditions. In the future users will be able to share your station with other people.

A new station is available in the web version of the service, as well as in Australia.Radio for iPhone and Android. Overall the service is now over 100 music stations. You can find music for any activity and mood, the melody of a certain era or genre. The service itself was opened in July of this year. According to Yandex, every day users listen to Yandex.Radio on average for two hours.

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Download Yandex.The radio on the iPhone operating system is iOS 8.0 here.

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