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Yandex has introduced a new version of Yandex.Weather for iOS interactive map of precipitation

Yandex has announced the update of the application Yandex.Weather based on its own technology weather Medium. In version 3.0 the program has got the interactive map of rain.

The app now has a new section with a map that shows where the rain or snow. The information is based on data from meteorological radars. Map app Yandex.Weather is able to show present, past and future — you can see where the clouds came from and where they get in the next two hours.

Yandex is especially proud of the brand of weather technology. It is based on machine learning and allows you to build point forecast: you can see what the weather will be in each district of the city and even near each house.

For calculation use data from the weather stations, and data from other sources, indirectly indicating the situation. Initial data Medium processes with traditional metamodel, with intermediate results, works by using machine learning technology Matriksnet. This approach eliminates the need to duplicate and so known to the laws of nature and concentrates the ability of machine learning to Refine existing models and take into account local features.

Each time the user accesses the service, this forecast is built again. Yandex.Weather determines where the person is, and shows a good weather for this place. If you want you can choose another place and time — and to see what the weather will be in an hour around the office or in the evening in the Park. On the wrong forecast, you can complain — in the future it will make it more accurate.

Download Yandex.Weather for iPhone at this link.

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