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Yandex has improved voice alerts speed cameras and accidents in Yandex.The Navigator

Yandex announced an update to functionality for the cameras, the accident and repair work in the mobile application Yandex.Navigator. The updated program allows you to set the speed threshold, after which the Navigator will alert the user to the cameras. In addition, Navigator is now visually identifies road event and takes into account the current speed in time to warn of traffic events.

Voice alerts in Yandex.The Navigator’s work when driving on the planned route. The application will tell you what speed allowed on the site, is there an accident ahead or repairs. A warning about the camera sounds if the driver exceeds the speed in front of the camera or control of the transit lanes. But if on the road accident or is being renovated, the Navigator tells you which lane to allow the driver time to readjust.

In the new version Yandex.The Navigator visually identifies road events that meet the user’s way, and mutes the rest. Users can customize notifications the way they want. In particular, you can set the speed threshold (from 1 to 60 km), after which the app will warn you about cameras. For example, if the value is “20” and go on the road with limit of 60 km/h, the application reacts to cameras just after the “80” on the speedometer.

In addition, Yandex.The Navigator took into account the current speed of the vehicle and to warn of the cameras so that the user has time to slow down.

As noted in Yandex, in total, in the database Navigator for about 6300 of speed cameras. The app knows where you installed each of them which controls the stretch of road and what speed is there. Users can add to the map and their markers on the cameras, accidents and repair work. They check the other drivers: they can confirm the message or to indicate an error, and then the mark will disappear from the map.

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Yandex.Navigator can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The program routes the routes with traffic jam, road events and tells you where to go. To operate the Navigator can voice.

Download Yandex.Navigator is available for free at this link.

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