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“Yandex” has decided to make paid services “Navigator” and “Map”

The company Yandex has decided to make the application “Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Card” surcharge. About it reports “Kommersant” reports with reference to representatives of the company. Take the money you plan to taxi companies, courier services and other companies that use navigation services of the company.

To use “Yandex.Navigator and Yandex.Card” for commercial purposes will soon need a special license. Testing a new format will begin in 2017, preparation for the transition starts on 1 may. In the first stage, Yandex will pay for business “Navigator”, and after some time, and “Maps”.

“The story is focused on taxi companies, freight forwarding and courier services, companies engaged in transportation of goods”, — explained in Yandex.

It is expected that the model will be similar to that now operating in API “Maps” for business, which allows you to use geospatial data and technologies of “Yandex” in the third-party projects: there are free limits and pay functions are configured under the client and its objectives.

In fact, “Yandex” already requires a fee for commercial use “Navigator”, said the owner of one of the projects in the field of Express delivery. According to him, if you exceed the monthly limit of requests per server, the system begins to malfunction.

“The developers have warned if you exceed a certain monthly limit requests from one server the system will start to malfunction. After we left about 1 million requests per month, and happened,— tells a source.— Then we turned to the “Yandex”, and we were told that the commercial use costs money. With our volume of requests we would have to pay about 50 thousand rubles. per month for the use of “Navigator”, another 120 thousand. would need to pay for the license itself. Then we bought the license of another similar service: it cost us 15 thousand rubles, and monthly usage — about 7 thousand rubles.”

Newspaper interviewed experts warn that “Yandex” at risk, as users may switch to alternative cheaper or free services. According to them, when the outflow of taxi companies and courier services that are a lot of moving around the city with the included Navigator, the company may lose a large amount of data about traffic jams and traffic conditions.

According to own data of “Yandex”, the audience “Navigator” in Russia in March amounted to 11.5 million people. In General, mobile applications, geo-services “Yandex” was used by 21.9 million people.

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