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“Yandex” has criticized the draft law on the “right to oblivion” on the Internet

The company “Yandex” considers unconstitutional a bill that requires search engines to remove information upon the request of users. This is stated in the official message of “Yandex”. Representatives of Internet companies noted that in the case of the adoption of the document will be violated the constitutional right of citizens to seek, access and receive information.

“If the law is passed, access to a large array of information of public interest can be difficult. In addition, this project paves the way for many abuses,” reads the statement of “Yandex”, which leads Slon.

The company noted that the bill actually imposes on the operators of search engines functions of government agencies. According to the text of the bill, operators will have to determine the accuracy of the information, the legality of its distribution and presence in certain events signs of crime, and to give a legal qualification such actions and to determine the limitation periods of bringing to criminal liability.

In addition, in “Yandex” has found it paradoxical rule providing for the exclusion from search results links to reliable information on citizens. As noted in the statement removed from the search engine information is still present on the Network and will be distributed in other ways, such as through social networks.

The company also drew attention to the fact that the proposed law does not require the applicant to specify the link to be removed. As a result, the search engine operator will have to search for the information relevant to the citizen, which will require pre-moderation search service.

Finally, in the statement about the lack of a mechanism for challenging site owners decisions about the removal of links from search engines. “Owners of the affected sites do not have any opportunity to challenge the exclusion of links from search engines, leading to the abuse of right on the part of their competitors and other persons. In the first place it will hit the news sites and media, access to which would be impossible using search services”, – stated in the message.

Director of external communications at Rambler&Co Matvey Alekseev also condemned the initiative of deputies of the Duma. “In fact, it will be the statutory mandatory service, respectively, it should be paid. Because the operator of the search engine is not to blame, it does not collect any personal information, and provides service for finding information on demand, ” he said.

On may 29, it became known that in the state Duma a bill that would force search engines on demand of a citizen to remove from search results links allowing you to access information about it. Information that the user may require repair, are inaccurate, outdated (older than three years) information and other data that violate the laws. For failure to comply with these requirements are punishable by fines.

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