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“Yandex” has closed a section in “Yandex.Radio” after protests radio stations

“Yandex” has completely removed the section “radio” out of service “Yandex.Radio. It is this section in the first days after the launch caused the indignation of the owners of radio stations, including “the Silver rain” and “European media group”.

In the “radio” songs grouped by type of music corresponding to the grid of essential radio “Silver rain”, “Europe plus”, “Chocolate”, and so on. In total, the section had a few dozen of these “categories”.

The launch of the service “Yandex.Radio” took place on 4 June. Shortly after the release of the radio-holding companies issued public complaints that “Yandex” uses the names of their stations without consulting them. The first statement in the press on the day of the launch of the service has made “European media group” (EMG), which includes the radio station “Radio 7”, “Road radio”, “Retro FM”, “Keks FM”, “Sport FM”, “Radio Record”. The company was asked to remove the names of the members of the holding company radio stations section. Next day the General Director of “Silver rain” Dmitry Savitsky: he called the reference station in the service “Yandex.Radio illegal. He explained that the radio station did not give permission to use their brand. Until litigation is not reached.

“It [the section of “radio”] we are not retransmitted broadcast FM stations, the names of only helped the user to navigate and select the appropriate type of music, just like at any other stations: “pop” or “rock”, “sad” or “energetic” mood. We didn’t expect such a reaction from some radio stations because they do not see and do not see evidence of this. But out of respect for our partners, we decided to completely remove the “radio” out of service”, — quotes Rbc press service search engine.

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According to the representative of “Yandex” Catherine Karnauhova, on “radio” for the first few days of the service accounted for 8% of the auditions. In just the first 4 days of the service users attended a total of 260 thousand hours of music, on average, users spent on the service for 60 minutes a day, reported the press service of “Yandex” earlier.

“Yandex.Radio is a free music service “Yandex”, which will monetize through advertising. It complements but does not replace an existing streaming service “Yandex.Music”, which operates on a paid subscription. In “Yandex.Radio used music library “Yandex.Music. In the collection of “Yandex” has more than 20 million tracks. The service is available in the web version ( and in applications for iOS and Android.

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