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Yandex has announced the update of Yandex.Sat NAV with improved voice recognition navigation

The Application Yandex.Navigator began to prompt drivers with landmarks such as “at the traffic lights keep right,” or “before the tunnel turn left”. Now motorists will be easier to follow the route without takin g your eyes off the road.

Hearing the usual “after 300 meters turn right” is not always easy to understand exactly where to go — especially if there turns several. In such a situation it is necessary to consult the route on the screen. Updated Navigator guides the driver in the right direction, drawing his attention to reference points: traffic lights, bridges, tunnels, doubles and turns in the yard.

Benchmarks are used only when definitely help to point the way. In other situations, for example if the front of the driver several traffic lights — Navigator does not mention them, not to confuse people, told in the company.

The Annex also changed the command to activate voice control. Still used the word “Yandex”. Now to give voice commands, you need to say “Hey, Yandex”. The app will know exactly what turn to him, and not just used the word “Yandex” in the conversation.

The updated app is already available in Google Play in a few days the update will be released in the App Store.

Earlier, Yandex.Navigator also learned to warn drivers about the cameras, controlling speed on the road and the movement of the strip of public transport. In addition, now the data about traffic jams on the route are updated every one hundred seconds, which is immediately reflected in the forecast of arrival.

Download Yandex.Navigator for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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