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Yandex has announced the update of Yandex.Navigator with a map of Parking lots

In the mobile application Yandex.Navigator map of parkings of Moscow. Now drivers can at any time to see where to Park your car.

The Application Yandex.Navigator added new feature and shows all the free and paid Parking inside the Third transport ring (TTK). And it is as on-street Parking, and shopping centers. Blue — Parking is permitted, red — on the contrary. An exclamation point marked places for people with disabilities and other special Parking areas, such as embassies.

Outside the TTC where you can Park on many streets, marked only by the paid Parking and Parking near shops and yards that add to the users themselves.

The service is available only for smartphones and tablets on the platform Android, iOS service will open a little later.

The map the Moscow parks considers the data of a website folk maps, panoramic pictures and base organizations Yandex. To participate in the creation of maps of Parking lots can everyone, pointing them on the map. After verification the data will appear in the Navigator and will be available to all motorists.

In Pathfinder there are also the statistics section of the travel route guidance in the background. In this mode, the application tells the road, even if it to collapse. The user can answer the call while continuing to follow the voice prompts.

Earlier, Yandex.Navigator also learned to warn drivers about the cameras, controlling speed on the road and the movement of the strip of public transport. In addition, now the data about traffic jams on the route are updated every one hundred seconds, which is immediately reflected in the forecast of arrival.

Download Yandex.Navigator for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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