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“Yandex” for the first time revealed the number of paid subscribers of the service “Yandex.Music”

By the end of 2016 the number of paid subscribers of the service “Yandex.Music” and music-based applications has exceeded 250,000 people, said the publication “Vedomosti”, the head of service Andrey Hevac. During the year the number had tripled. Despite this “Yandex.Music is” significantly behind in audience from Apple Music in Russia.

Yandex for the first time revealed statistics on the number of paying users of the music service. It is alleged that during the year the number of these has tripled. The company clarified that it is including about the users of the application operators, operating on the basis of “Yandex.Music,” such is MTS, Vodafone and Kyivstar. The statistics also take into account people that have just subscribed and tied to the service credit card the first month they use “Yandex.Music” for free.

Most users prefer the web version of “Yandex.Music”, it’s free unlike the mobile apps of the service. According to Geweke, at least once a month the service used by about 20 million people. Thus, for the music is paying just over 1% of the audience “Yandex.Music.”

How are subscribing to the service “Yandex” and partner applications, as well as between Russia and other countries, not reported. According to a source publication, in Russia “Yandex.Music” about 100 000 subscribers. Service representative insists that their number is more.

To calculate the revenue of “Yandex.Music” based on the number of subscribers is difficult because the cost of subscription on different platforms is different. On the website it costs 169 rubles per month, Google Play — 199 rubles, in the App Store — 229 rubles. The cost of subscriptions through the app enabled the Commission shops, explained the difference in “Yandex”.

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According to the newspaper, 90% of subscriptions “Yandex.Music” falls on Apple devices. The company said that Apple users pay more than Android, but the proportions were different.

“Yandex.Music” is in the top 3 most popular music services in Russia by number of subscribers and ranks second, said the publication of the employee of a Western major. In the first place Apple Music with 600,000 subscribers, the third – Google Play Music with less than 100,000 subscribers. All in Russia about 1 million pay for streaming music services users.

In their statements of “Yandex” considers “Yandex.Music” to the category of experimental services along with “Yandex.Poster”, “Yandex.Tickets”, YDF and other projects. For the first nine months of 2016 they brought the company 548 million rubles of revenue, 83% more compared to the same period a year earlier.

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