Yandex decided that we have few messengers and made another

Yandex introduced Yandex.Messenger – updates of the “chats” that were previously available on different platforms of the company.

What is the feature?

Messenger is not a separate application, but an integral part of others. For example, the main Yandex application. To access it, you need to click on the second icon:

Or, through any browser, the Messenger icon will appear on the main page of the search engine in the lower right corner:

What features are there?

There are information channels, you can also chat with friends. And, as in the previously announced updated version of ICQ, there was an opportunity to decrypt voice messages:

And I did not know about it. He simply recorded a voice to check the sound quality (by the way, it still does not reach the Telegram, at least on an iPhone), and the messenger himself decrypted it, for some reason putting a question mark.

It is worth noting that the messenger is still apparently polished – this can be seen in the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screenshot.

What is missing in some other instant messengers is reactions to messages or posts in public Telegram Yandex channels:

In response to such a message, I can block Seryozha. That is, Vale can sotochka, but I do not?

A similar function, by the way, is in Discord and Microsoft Teams.

In addition to text and audio messages, there are both regular and video calls. In general, a fully functional messenger, whose name is the legion.

What else does Yandex offer?

You do not need to register in the messenger. If you have a login in Yandex.Mail or any of the subscriptions, then you automatically become a user of Yandex.Messenger.

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Moreover, the “messenger”, apparently, was available earlier, but you can’t get directly into it – I talked to Seryozha even when he had an old version of the Yandex application. But only in our dialogue could he get exclusively from the push.

Something reminds me of the Messenger logo above the first screenshot. Ahem … What is it? Source: Yandex

Will it become popular?

Hard to say. It is not very clear why all this is necessary. I have Telegram, WhatsApp, I regularly correspond on VKontakte and Instagram. And then there’s Yandex.

One would expect some kind of binding to Yandex services, but there is nothing in addition to launching a messenger on the main search engine and in the application. As a result, it turns out that this is another messenger for the phrase "well, you can chat with us."

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