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“Yandex.Browser” accelerated site loading time by optimizing for multicore processors iPhone

In the App Store we have released a new version of the browser “Yandex”, which is characterized by improved performance. The speed of the program achieved “by optimizing for multicore processors iPhone. This sites will load faster.

Yandex is not the first time optimizes the engine’s mobile web browser. After the release of the previous update sites began to open faster and scroll smoother. It was achieved by switching to a new system component Apple — WKWebView. Yandex note that the latter has limitations, which automatically turns the Turbo mode does not work, it can only be enabled manually.

The new “Yandex.Browser” updated icon. Now the “new icon” icon corresponds to the application icon from the desktop browser company.

“Yandex.Browser” was presented in autumn 2012. Last summer, the app was released for iPad and Android smartphones. The program is integrated viewer for PDF files, the “Turbo” that accelerates site loading, as well as popular services company — search, mail, translator and “Disk”.

“Yandex.Browser” is integrated with the web services of the company and based on the open source WebKit and Chromium. According to the developers, the browser simplifies the search of information through a single line for web addresses and search queries. So, in answer to the query “avito washing machine” “Yandex.Browser” will open your own website or his section, bypassing the search results. Frequent sites are collected on a “Scoreboard”. For a number of requests from mobile devices the browser would give a straight answer — videos, news, pictures, fragment of cards, numbers or facts.

Download “Yandex.Browser” for iPhone and iPod touch here, for iPad is here.

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