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Yandex asks Apple to make it easy to change the default search engine on iOS devices

The company “Yandex” asks Apple to simplify the process of changing search engine, which is installed by default on devices running iOS. About this informed the General Director of “Yandex” Alexander Shulgin, responding to a question during a conference call.

“With iOS it’s not that simple, because this operating system is controlled by Apple. Currently Yandex is a search engine for Apple devices, but not by default. And a few months ago, Apple has complicated this process by limiting the recommendation to switch from Google to Yandex as the default search. We communicate with Apple, but to negotiate with them to make Yandex the default search difficult,” he said.

In a press-service of “Yandex” explained that the company communicates with all popular devices.

In previous versions of iOS, whenever you go to Google, Yandex, Yahoo, etc. the user (not every time, the frequency was determined by Apple itself) a pop-up window to make the selected search engine as your default search provider and the user to decide what search to use. In iOS 8 and iOS 9 this window does not appear. To change the default search engine in iOS, go to settings, phone, browser, or search and select the desired search engine.

In January as a result of the trial between Google and Oracle has revealed that the search giant has paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 for the Google search was the default in iOS. Google also pays Apple a significant percentage of the revenue that the company receives from the iOS devices.

While Apple CEO Tim cook in the summer of 2015 criticized Internet companies that make money from the advertising, condemning them for persevering collect personal information about users. In Google explained that the Corporation does not sell information and does not share it with outside companies, and only uses for advertising are maximized.

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