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Yahoo! will be renamed to Altaba after the sale of the company

Internet company Yahoo! after the sale, will change its name to Altaba. It is planned that the operating business of Yahoo! for $4.83 billion to acquire the company Verizon.

After the sale of assets of Verizon Communications Yahoo will change the name, and the head of Yahoo Marissa Mayer is leaving his post. This was reported Tuesday by Bloomberg.

Marissa Mayer is one of six members of the Board of Directors who plan to leave the company after the closing of the transaction. According to the Agency, decisions of the members of the Board of Directors to leave their posts not due to any disagreement with the company.

Despite the fact that last year it became known about two major hacker attacks on Yahoo, the result of which cyber criminals could access the data of almost all users, Verizon still intends to complete a deal to buy Yahoo.

On signing agreement to acquire Verizon Internet company Yahoo announced in July. The amount is $4.83 billion. After completion of the transaction, which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017, Yahoo will retain stakes in Alibaba Group Holdings and Yahoo! Japan, and also part of the patents. The company will be renamed Altaba, its Board of Directors will remain five members.

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