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XVIDA: how competently to implement wireless charging iPhone battery

At the site Kickstarter funding collects charging system for iPhone includes ultra-thin case and a set of magnetic mounts for the wireless charging standard Qi. Developed by startup from L. A. the set is called XVIDA.

XVIDA is a thin plastic case for iPhone with built-in inductor. Thus, it provides the phone protection against mechanical damage and allows you to charge the device using a special magnetic base. The developers offered a set of accessories for charging at the office, at home, in the car or even while riding on the bike.

Thanks to innovative technologies applied during the development of the case, exactly mimicking the shape of a smartphone, the watch is extremely small. It contains a system of magnets, thanks to which the smartphone is held securely in the stand while charging.

XVIDA can be connected to a docking station, car holder, bike or wall mount. Due to the special design of the charging system, the energy transferring rate up to 50% higher in comparison with analogues, the developers.

The set is compatible with smartphones iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus. With support for standard Qi system can also be used with many Android smartphones, including the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 .

At the moment the developers are completing the fundraising for the startup XVIDA in the series. The cost of the kit at the stage of collecting funds is from $15 per case to $869 for full set with all accessories. Delivery first customers will begin in June of this year.

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