Xiaomi showed the simplest Qin 2 smartphone without a selfie camera

Shenzhen Duojia Technology has a fairly wide profile. She is engaged in the release of plumbing and … Phones. Last summer, the company showed a button phone with 4G. We even got a review of it:


Xiaomi Qin 1S: Nostalgic Android Phone with Buttons

Alexander Pobyvanets

March 21, 2019

But then the company decided that the phones will not go far, so introduced its first smartphone. And it is interesting in many ways.


Here is the simplest design: almost the entire front panel occupies a screen with a record aspect ratio of 22.5: 9. But if you think that Qin has turned out too long “shovel”, then I hasten to assure you of the opposite: the diagonal is only 5.05 inches with a resolution of 1440 × 576 pixels.

Due to the extended display, the smartphone turned out to be very compact: 132.6 × 55.4 × 8.6 mm. That is, it is 9 mm longer than the baby iPhone SE and 3 mm narrower than it. In theory, this should have a good effect on controlling Qin 2 with hands with not very long fingers. It weighs, by the way, only 105 grams.

Plastic case. And it is even good. Source: Xiaomi Youpin

There is one camera at the back. It seems that she is purely nominal here: it is unlikely that the 5 Mp for which she is shooting is enough for decent photos. But she is present, and all right. Which, by the way, can not be said about the selfie-camera.

Below is a USB Type-C and speakers with a microphone, and on top is an infrared port for controlling equipment. "Jack" for headphones no. Everything, as in the "big" brothers, is entrusted to the share of the adapter. It, by the way, as well as complete with iPad Pro, no.

Buttons are only on one side. This is a volume rocker and power button. If you hold the last one, the voice assistant will be turned on.



This is a budget smartphone, built on the program Android Go, with all the ensuing pros and cons.

The smartphone has a Spreadtrum SC9832E processor and 1 GB of RAM. Constants here already 32 GB, but there is no slot for a memory card. Although why is she here?

All this allows you to work in multitasking mode with six applications running.

Source: Xiaomi Youpin

Conditional battery capacity is not amazing: only 2100 mAh. But more is not needed. Included is a power supply unit with power as in iPhones: 5 watts.

The smartphone works with only one SIM-card, which may disappoint fans of multi-value.


In China, Qin 2 can be ordered at the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform. There they are asked for 499 yuan ($ 73 or 4,600 rubles). Nice price for a nice device.

As I understand it, the smartphone comes in two versions: normal, available only in black, and "student" in red, pink and pale blue. The normal version has no restrictions, but the "student" one: you need special parental permission to install applications from the built-in application store, and the bundle includes a special dictionary and some encyclopedias.


But there is one problem: Qin 2 is not supplied outside of China, and out of the box it will only have access to Chinese and English. And, despite the fact that the smartphone works on Android 9 Pie Go Edition, it’s impossible to install your favorite applications from Google Play on it – it’s just not there.

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