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Xiaomi introduced the “smart” sneakers with Intel processor for $43

Company Xiaomi presented a very interesting development — smart sneakers called 90 Minutes Ultra Smart. The cost of connecting to the smartphone is $ 43.

“Brain” center of 90 Minutes Ultra Smart is a tiny chip Intel Curie. This hardware module with high level of integration includes a low-power 32-bit Quark controller, and 384 KB flash memory and 80 KB SRAM memory, wireless adapter Bluetooth, 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, and battery charging unit.

Smart sneakers can perform the functions of a fitness tracker. The owner of “smart” shoes will know exactly what distance you covered, how fast, for how long and how many calories were spent. Data is transmitted in a mobile application for smartphones.

Intel Curie lets you to define multiple types of physical activity, including walking, running and so on. Another area of use sneaker — interactive sports games and fitness competitions.

To charge “smart” sneakers Xiaomi to once every two months during normal use.

Sale 90 Minutes Ultra Smart start April 15.

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