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Xiaomi introduced the “smart” sleep tracker Smart Lunar Sleep for $10

Xiaomi announced the device for monitoring sleep quality tracker Smart Lunar Sleep Sensor. The device is waiting for its market launch at the end of a crowdfunding campaign.


Xiaomi smart sensor is designed to analyze a user’s sleep by analogy with the fact, as do the “smart” watches. Using Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor, it is possible to know how often can a man tossing and turning during sleep and possible night sleep call quality from the point of view of physiological needs of the body. Collected built-in motion sensors information will be sent to your iPhone or Android device via Wi-Fi network.

On the body of a 12-gram Lunar Xiaomi Smart Sleep Sensor located button Triple Sound, the activation of which will lead to the creation device pleasant background sound. According to the statement of Xiaomi, the sound emitted will have a positive impact on users who have difficulties with falling asleep.

For Lunar work Smart Sleep Sensor there is no need to direct contact with the owner. Enough put product on the pad or place it under the pillowcase. The stated resource is built in to the product battery capacity 160 mAh battery is 50 000 hours, and one hour charge is enough for three months of work.

To make an advanced “smart sensor” Xiaomi can the people of China, listing developers $ 10. Supply is scheduled for January 12, 2017.

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