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Xiaomi introduced the “smart” air purifier Mi Air Purifier Pro

Hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that the purity of the air we breathe directly affects our health. And it’s not just airborne substances, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides, but in the amount of suspended solids. Thus the large particles (10 microns or more) are mostly retained in the upper Airways, whereas smaller (up to 10 µm, and especially dangerous are the particle size to 2.5 µm) can penetrate into the lungs, accumulate there and eventually cause chronic disease. It is therefore very important to control and reduce the content in the air is not only harmful substances, and small particles. Everyone is able to do “smart” air purifier Mi Air Purifier Pro Xiaomi.

Mi Air Purifier Pro represents a new generation of air purifiers Chinese brand. Compared to predecessors, the novelty has got OLED display and a number of improvements. The device is now capable of real-time display all information — performance cleaner and air quality — without having to run for this purpose a mobile application.

The revision was subjected to the air filtration system and compressor. The maximum performance of the machine reaches a value of 500 m3 per hour and provides a complete cleaning of the air in the room up to 60m2.

The cleaning quality is preserved at the same level. The company claims about performance filtration up to 99.7% threat to the health of fine particles PM2.5 (particle diameter less than 2.5 microns), up to 99.5% of the particles PM0.3 and up to 100% large particles. Around the screen there is an additional led indicator, which informs about the current status of the air using several colors.

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In addition to notification by means of display Mi Air Purifier Pro syncs with smartphones and sends information to the Mi Home App, which will show detailed statistics of the work of the cleaner. The dimensions of the purifier Xiaomi is 735 × 200 × 260 mm, and it weighs 9,7 kg.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro will go on sale November 11 for about $220.

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