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Xiaomi introduced the Mi Piston headphones Fresh for $4 and Mi Headphones 2

The range of products Chinese Xiaomi has added a new Piston headphone Mi Fresh and Mi Headphones 2. A remarkable feature of the models is its low price with a high enough level of sound quality.

Model Mi Pis ton Fresh are the upgraded version of in-ear Piston, but combines design elements from the more expensive Hybrid. The casing is made of anodized aluminum alloy, whereby the device is resistant to scratches, and its surface does not remain visible fingerprints.

Model Mi is equipped with a Fresh Piston damping system of the third generation, built-in microphone and button for answering calls and controlling music playback. Included are silicone tips in two sizes.

Proprietary damping system, which focuses Xiaomi, will provide a more detailed sound and wide stage compared to the previous versions of the Piston. Impedance 14-gram Mi Piston Fresh is 32 Ohms and frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Xiaomi Mi Piston headphones Fresh available in five colors — silver, black, blue, pink and purple. Official price of new items will be converted from RMB at just $4.

Along with a Fresh model Mi Piston Xiaomi company announced and updated on-ear headphones Mi Headphones. Unlike the first generation, the Mi Headphones 2 can hardly boast even close to the level of quality of songs to be played. But the headset will be available in white, orange and mint green color, and also receive a faux leather.

The cost of the Mi Headphones 2 will be only $29 vs $80 on the first model Mi Headphones.

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