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Xiaomi has introduced headphones premium Mi Headphones for $70

To fully uncover the crystal-sounding audio tracks, it is desirable to use high-quality headphones. Xiaomi company has offered just such. A new model of Mi Headphones is a classic semi-open headphones with an outstanding, according to the manufacturer, characteristics, making the sound of music on smartphones will be revealed from an unexpected quarter.

Updated Mi Headphones received a new grille cups, which discern the texture of red, gold threads headband, gold connectors cable and new ear pads. Headphones are compatible with Hi-Res Audio have a frequency response up to 40,000 Hz and have increased to 107 dB sensitivity.

Silver-plated cable and a new diaphragm with the use of graphene provide a decent sound quality and high reliability. A thin silver layer will allow the speakers to sound more expressive as the silver a much better conductor of high frequency, contributing to the enrichment of sound. Kevlar, in turn, increases the strength of the wire, preventing their rupture with careless operation.

The cost Xiaomi Mi Headphones is around $ 70.

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