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Xiaomi expects to repeat the success of Apple

Xiaomi decided to watch the sales strategy for the products. The company, which the media called “Chinese Apple” for the copy style of “Apple” products, for example, a competitor will focus on sales in retail stores.

According to foreign publications referring to the General Director of Xiaomi lei Jun, the company intends in the next three years to open about 1,000 branded stores Mi Home. In 2017 the company is going to run about 200 points.

Xiaomi started with online sales. Proper use of social networks and the implementation of smartphones in limited quantities, helped her to create excitement around your brand. However, this strategy allowed the firm to penetrate into small areas, which are home to more than 600 million people, often deprived of access to the Internet and prefer to buy electronics only after viewing in the store.

Now Xiaomi intends to repeat the success of Apple creating a retail chain of stores and managing her like this makes California giant. In this competition, Chinese companies in the face of Oppo and Vivo are developing offline business with the help of partners-Resellers, through which the products of manufacturers distributed in small towns of China, while Xiaomi’s example of Apple going to build their own stores and manage them.

The Xiaomi admitted that its biggest problem lies in the business model. It must be built not on the online sales and traditional retail, then the company will make an additional 60-70 billion yuan ($8.7 and 10.1 billion).

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