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Xiaomi compared the optical stabilization on Mi 5, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus [video]

The cameras on smartphones have always been paid a lot of attention, but this year manufacturers made a special emphasis on the possibilities of photography. The new flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 gets a unique technology of optical image stabilization (OIS), borrowed from SLR cameras.

For photographic opportunities “Chinese” meets 16-megapixel main camera-based sensor Sony IMX298 Spectra ISP and Qualcomm. It boasts dual led flash, phase autofocus, mode records 4K video, sapphire crystal and chetyrehluchevoy optical image stabilization.

Most cameras in today’s smartphones often run on OIS with two or three axles, while the Xiaomi Mi 5 is the first phone that uses chetyrehosnuju stabilization. This system allows to make better shooting in difficult conditions. The Chinese company claims that its technology works better than that used in the iPhone. To demonstrate the capabilities of its latest Xiaomi has chosen its flagship smartphones Apple.

Xiaomi has demonstrated stabilization on up to three devices – Xiaomi Mi 5, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s. In the first two uses stabilization technology, mechanical self compensating angular movement of the camera to prevent blurring, and a third digital stabilization. Two Apple gadgets have optical stabilization only on the iPhone 6 Plus, so the image of a better quality than the iPhone 6s. However, the video comparison is far ahead of 5 Mi on the effectiveness of competition.

Xiaomi Mi 5 will go on sale in early March 2016. When the smartphone will appear in other markets, is not specified.

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