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Xiaomi became the largest handset manufacturers in the world

Xiaomi has become one of the leading places in the list of phone manufacturers in the world. However, they did not officially sell its phones in the United States.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung in the second quarter of 2017 set for 2% more phones compared to the same period last year. Selling 79,5 million phones from 360 million units worldwide, the company still remains the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world. But interesting company in this list is Samsung, a company engaged in the research of the market better than their competitors. And it’s Xiaomi, which for the first time, took fifth place in the list of phone manufacturers.

Lately Xiaomi is doing so well as it could despite the fact that the first few years demonstrates the explosive growth despite the fact that officially does not sell their devices in the West. Lee Joon, its General Director, notified employees by e-mail at the beginning of this year that the company in Beijing has grown much faster than expected. This led to the fact that Xiaomi has taken a long time for reorientation. In the same month Vice-President Hugo Barra, is known for his work with the division of Android from Google, Xiaomi has left to return to Silicon valley.

Despite the events within the company, sales Xiaomi increased markedly in the last few months. Annual sales grew by 58 %, and it took more than 6% of the global smartphone market in the second quarter thanks to its Android devices. Budget phone Redmi 4A, in particular, proved particularly popular in India.

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Unlike Samsung and Xiaomi, Apple didn’t do so as we would like. She still ranks second, but its sales fell one percent compared to the same period in 2016. The company sold only half of what Samsung sold. This is likely to change after the release of the next iPhone, although it is worth noting that Samsung is also preparing to launch the Note 8 in a few weeks. Huawei also ranks third in the list and has maintained its status as the top Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, and the fourth position is Oppo, which occupied more than 8% of the world market.

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