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X iPhone: portrait in a new light

12 Jan 2018, Apple introduced a new promotional video that shows all the effects for portrait mode innovative camera flagship smartphone.

The video says: “Now, to obtain images of Studio quality, don’t need a Studio.”

Portrait mode, allows to make artistic background blur without the use of massive lenses and a special equipment, — is an exclusive option iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X. However, the tenth model is able to capture spectacular pictures with basic cameras, and unique front TrueDepht camera.

Based on the methods and filters provided by Apple are extensive studies in the field of art. The Camera app uses complex algorithms to understand how facial features of the person will interact with light. This allows you to create impressive effects.

A 30-second video shows the variety of functions of portrait mode shooting. In the video you can also see examples of high-quality images. Apple offers a look at the portrait in a whole new light. Now everyone can become a good photographer and create art work.

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