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WSJ: the head of Apple developing electric car out of the company

Steve Zaleski, the head of the Apple division responsible for the design and development of electric car company, has resigned. Wrote about this Sunday the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. It is noted that Zaleski decided to leave the California Corporation “for personal reasons”.

According to sources, Steve Sadecki, who worked at Apple in total for 16 years and worked including on the creation of products such as the iPhone and iPod, headed the project on creation of an electric vehicle in 2013. Your care Sadecki explained the personal reasons. The exact date his resignation was not specified, and at the moment he is still listed in the ranks of Apple.

Apple never officially announced that it is developing its first electric car. However, the media had earlier determined that the company hired dozens of experts in the automotive industry, including specialists from automakers Ford and Mercedes-Benz.

According to Reuters, in 2014, Apple CEO Tim cook visited the headquarters of BMW in German Munich, and his assistants – this companies factories in Leipzig to see the process of production of the electric car BMW i3.

The message about leaving Apple Steve Zaleski commented Tony Fadell, who is considered the father of the iPod. “A great loss for Apple, they will miss you. It was great working with you on iPod and iPhone”, – he wrote in his Twitter.

According to unconfirmed information, Apple plans to launch production of electric vehicles in 2020. Later it was reported that the company intends to accelerate the development of its own electric vehicle. It may appear to 2019. Created in the regime of high secrecy Apple’s electric car will be in shape to resemble a minivan.

In the WSJ believe that the loss leader will have a negative impact on the project, which was never officially confirmed. Himself Sadecki information about your care is not commented on.

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