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WSJ: Apple to release new laptops with keyboard E-Ink, dynamic show the emoticons and special characters

Apple is developing a laptop with a dynamic keyboard, the keys which can perform all sorts of functions. The technology used in electronic books that will allow you to display not only the standard QWERTY layout, but the keys are designed to work with Photoshop, Safari, Finder and other applications.

According to resource The Wall Street Journal, which cites anonymous sources familiar with the company’s plans, Apple is currently working with the Australian startup Sonder specializing in this technology. It is noted that the symbols on the keys of the laptop can dynamically change depending on the needs of the user.

Keyboard Sonder was presented last year. Image and signatures on the keys of the device vary, depending on the application or for the current layout. In fact, each button (78) is a separate mini-display based on electronic ink. For example, in Word on the keys can be displayed letters of the Arabic alphabet or Chinese characters in Photoshop — shortcuts for tools, in games — icons to change weapons, etc.

Representatives Sonder confirmed the fact of negotiations with “the three manufacturers of laptops”, saying that their company is “close to concluding B2B contracts for procurement”. What potential partners were having discussions, and there among them Apple, not specified.

The Guardian claims that Apple is negotiating the purchase of a startup. The newspaper indicates that on October 11 the head of the Corporation Tim cook met with the Executive Director Sonder Francisco Serra-Martins.

However, the veracity of these rumors is not clear. The publication contacted Apple and Sonder, but no answer was received. According to informants, expect the Apple laptop with an innovative keyboard should be in 2018.

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