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WSJ: Apple plans to the end of the year to start making his own TV shows and movies

Apple is going to make your own movie and TV show. This was reported in the Thursday edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

TV shows will be available exclusively to users of the streaming service Apple Music. Currently, the “Apple” giant is negotiating with experienced content producers about acquiring the rights to a TV show.

Apple has long interested in producing their own video content. Earlier last year the company announced its first TV show which is devoted to “the app economy” and the music for it was written by the founder of the band The Black Eyed Peas rapper Participation in the project also took well-known producers Ben Silverman and Howard Owens.

Sources familiar with the company’s plans, reported that Apple plans to put on stream production of their own video content to the end of 2017. Apple will not hide information about how many users watched the program and demographic characteristics of the audience.

Apple also established contacts with experienced marketing professionals from studios and TV networks. Discussed the promotion of the content, the source said.

In addition to television shows, the American computer electronics giant plans to release its own movies, but this idea is only in the plans.

At the beginning of the 2016 edition of the Fast Company reported that Apple wants to attract talented producers and filmmakers that will help her create a whole line of original TV shows. Video content will only be available to users of iTunes and Apple TV.

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