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Writer of Half-Life 2 has shared details Episode 3

25.08.2017 0 Comments

Marc Laidlaw, writer of the series of games of Half-Life, today published on his blog information about never seen the light of the third addition to Half-life 2, what we learned from his Twitter.


Epistle 3

— Marc Laidlaw (@marc_laidlaw) 25 Aug 2017


The new text continues the story of Gordon Freeman and his friends, the path which now lies in Antarctica. This small passage confirms occasie earlier in the network concepts of gaming locations, clearly telling us about the winter setting of the game. However, the influx of fans brought down the website of the author, access to which is difficult now.

Writer of Half-Life 2 has shared details Episode 3

The Concept Of Half-Life: Episode 3


Mark worked at Valve for nearly twenty years, stepping down from the company last year. He was the sole author of the scripts of Half-Life and had to end the series even at Christmas 2007. However, the game repeatedly postponed, canceled, denied the development. But every year in the company’s products find Easter eggs pointing to the existence of materials in Half-Life: Episode 3. Still don’t know for sure whether we will see the final Chapter of the cult game that gave us memes about Gabe Newell and the number three.



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